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Jeff Rosenfeld carving "Sphere in Motion" abstract Carrera Marble sculpture

Artist Statement

I got my first exposure to handmade art by experimenting with a variety of hardwoods on my father’s lathe when I was young. In college, I sold my wooden creations in several independent boutiques. Years later, in 2009, I discovered my true artistic passion during a week-long stone carving course with the Marble Institute of Colorado. The journey that began in the pristine mountains set on the Crystal River just outside Marble, Colorado, continues today under the trees in my North Texas backyard. Using a variety of marble, alabaster, and onyx in a range of colors and patterns, I personally design and carve each piece. I am constantly experimenting with new concepts to further expand my technique while at the same time insisting on only the highest standards of craftsmanship. As a result, I produce only three to six sculptures each year. While my focus so far has been in using simple contemporary forms to let the natural beauty of the stone be the hero, my current obsession is exploring the boundaries of myself and the stone through complex interwoven designs. 

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